Steps to Change Car Tires at Home

Every person should learn how to change tires as no one knows when they would encounter a flat tire with no help at hand, especially when it happens at on the road. For that purpose, you should take some particular steps and keep the required equipment at home. I will guide you how to change a car tire on a rim at home without any hassles. 

The first step is to steer the vehicle in a safe area that should be wide enough so that you can move around the vehicle easily and there would be no danger for other people. Further, you need to apply the emergency brakes and also place a large stick or rock behind the rear tire so as to prevent the vehicle from making any movement. 

After that you need to locate the jack as well the spare tire in the trunk of the vehicle and check that they are in good condition. As the car jacks also have built-in lug wrench, the first thing you have to do is to remove it from the jack and use it for loosening the hub cap on the damaged tire. You must be thinking that how to take a tier off a rim at home? 

After it is removed, you need to place it on the side and then you need to use the lug wrench for loosening the lug nuts on the wheel. For that purpose, you need to place the lug wrench on every nut and unscrew them in a counter-clockwise fashion. The next step in this endeavor would be to use the jack for lifting the wheel off the ground. Its recommended you read your vehicle's manual to do it properly as it will have an information on how to break the bead on a tire. This will help you to do it easily yourself and without having any damage to the tire or rims. 

After the vehicle is lifted in this manner, you need to remove the lug nuts that were loosened before using the jack. The next step would be to remove the flat tire and then place the spare tire in its place. This will help you to install a tire on a rim by hand.  Then you need to place the lug nuts back and ensure that they are in place by using the lug wrench to tighten it. The last and final step would be to lower the vehicle off the car jack by turning the handle and removing it.